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The Philippine House of Representatives passed the e-cigarette regulation bill: online sales and purchases

Time:2021-06-07 Views:456
On May 20, according to foreign news reports, a bill passed by the House of Representatives of the Philippines today shows that the bill will lower the minimum age for purchasing and using e-cigarettes and other vapor products from 21 to 18.
Congress previously passed the Republic Act No. 11467, which levied a tax on e-cigarettes and set the age of purchase at 21 years old. Two years ago, the country completely banned e-cigarettes.
The previously passed law prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and prohibits seasoning. It now appears that the new law has largely relaxed the restrictions imposed by the current law. Although all seasonings except tobacco seasonings are currently banned, the new law allows ordinary fruit seasonings, nuts, coffee, tea, vanilla, caramel, tobacco, and mint.
Supporters believe that the latest bill will also remove the Philippine Food and Drug Administration‘s power to control e-cigarettes and vapor products and transfer them to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, because supporters believe that these are not healthy products. The bill also allows online sales of e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes, but only if the site will restrict access to users under the age of 18 and display signs required by the proposal.
The latest bill also includes language that allows e-cigarette advertisements to be placed in retail locations through direct marketing and the Internet, although the bill stipulates that these advertisements must not be targeted at minors, must not undermine smoking cessation messages, and non-smokers should be discouraged from using them.
The new measures also prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes within 100 meters of schools, playgrounds or other facilities that minors often go to, and prohibit the use of steam products and e-cigarettes in all enclosed public places, but in designated e-cigarette areas except.