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British smokers will give out e-cigarettes for free in hospitals as long as they go to see a doctor

Time:2021-08-30 Views:330
The United Kingdom has just launched a new harm reduction initiative-regardless of whether patients go to the emergency department for any illness, the hospital will distribute e-cigarette kits to them for free. This measure is the first to be piloted in the major cities of London, Edinburgh, Leicester and Norfolk in the United Kingdom.
Sure enough, it is someone else’s hospital, and other countries are still arguing about whether e-cigarettes are harmful.
This pilot measure is sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIHR) in the United Kingdom and comes from an official agency. A total of 5 hospitals participated. The entire plan will last for 30 months. There are 24 million emergency medical visits in the UK each year, of which a quarter are smokers.
At the same time, these patients who received e-cigarettes will also participate in a study. They will be randomly assigned to listen to smoking advice while waiting in the emergency room (A&E), and then receive an e-cigarette set. After one, three, or six months of hospitalization, patients will be asked if they are still smoking.
The project leader, Professor Notley, said: "E-cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional tobacco, and facts have proven that it can help smokers quit smoking... We have plans to implement this pilot project nationwide."
The relevant research is led by the University of East Anglia team, and the data results will be announced. The team will also take the lead in providing free e-cigarettes to homeless people in London, Scotland, Wales and other places.