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Researchers found that e-cigarettes can reduce hazards and reduce hazardous substances by 89%!

Time:2021-12-13 Views:125
Compared with cigarettes, e-cigarettes can reduce harm. It is already well known. Then, compared with the new type of tobacco heat-not-burn products, which one is more harmful to the reduction of harmful substances? Recently, some scientists have done research on this: e-cigarettes, heat-not-burn, and cigarettes are three major categories of products, and e-cigarettes are the most harmful.
Illustration: This report is published in the core journal of toxicology.
This research was published in the core journal "Toxicological Research". A total of 148 people participated in the experiment, and the experimenters divided them into continuous smoking of traditional cigarettes, complete cessation of smoking, electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn products.
Afterwards, the researchers selected 16 hazardous substances as the research comparison based on the list of hazardous or potentially hazardous substances listed by the US FDA.
Illustration: Data shows that changing to electronic cigarettes or heating non-combustion products can greatly reduce the hazards.
Studies have found that smokers who switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes have similar harmful substances in their urine and exhaled breath to those who quit completely.
And from the data, it can be seen that the harm of electronic cigarettes is significantly better than that of heating non-combustible products.
For example, compared with cigarette smokers, the contents of PNAL and NNN in the exhaled air of e-cigarette users were reduced by 64.7% and 89%, respectively, while the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites NNAL and NNN in the smoke contained in smokers decreased 64.2% and 74.1%.
Those are the three carcinogens produced after cigarettes are burned. In particular, nitrosamines unique to tobacco leaves, according to statistics, in the United States and Western Europe, the incidence of cancer caused by nitrosamines in tobacco leaves exceeds 30%.
Back in 2020, researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States have reached a similar conclusion through experiments: the level of NNAL in the urine of e-cigarette users is only 2.2% of that of cigarette users, confirming the effect of e-cigarettes on traditional cigarettes. Influence.
It is obviously unrealistic to expect all smokers to quit smoking, so encouraging smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes may be an effective way to control smoking. The author of this article said that in order to make more smokers believe in e-cigarettes and reduce the harm by using e-cigarettes, the scientific community should continue to study e-cigarette products in depth.
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