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86% Hong Kong adolescents use electronic cigarettes, and the situation is worrying

Time:2021-05-26 Views:179
According to Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong University has shown that Hong Kong‘s 25-year-old or less adolescents use new tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes and heating tobacco, and 2019 and 2020 are as high as 85.9%, rising than the previous year. 13 A percentage point, and it has been climbing for the third consecutive year, and the situation is worrying.
According to the survey of "Hong Kong University Adolescent Smoking Hotline", 51.3% of the adolescents expressed the use of new tobacco products to be curiosity, followed by the peer influence (37.3%), I hope to use new tobacco products to quit smoking or decrease Suction cigarettes (accounted for 21.6%). Respondents generally believe that new tobacco products are "healthy" than traditional tobacco products, mistakenly think that they can help quit smoking, the results are reversed, and they encourage them to use more new tobacco products. In addition, respondents also stated that they would be promoted by the online five flowers, and the trendy packaging and design attractive, and friends will be recommended and share each other.
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are very stringent for traditional paper tobacco, but the electronic cigarette has been in a blurred zone as a "new thing" in recent years. In October 2018, Shi Jue, Zheng Yue, read the second policy report, announced that Hong Kong will ban electronic cigarettes in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government officially officially submitted draft draft, it is recommended to ban imported, manufacturing, selling, distributing, promoting electronic cigarettes or heating tobacco, and a fine of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars and imprisonment for half a year. The Hong Kong medical community believes that the electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes also contain potential hazardous compounds such as nicotine, various heavy metals and formaldehyde, which seriously endanger health, but the public generally misunderstandings, underestimated the impact of electronic cigarettes, while incorrectly I believe that the electronic cigarette helps quit smoking. However, the electronic cigarette ban is attracted by many Hong Kong Members and some groups, and believes that the research data quoted by legislation is identified, and the research object is the "simulated smoke" electronic cigarette equipment that has been eliminated, not the current market. Mainstream products. After the lack of lasting struggle, the Hong Kong Legislative Council Non-smoking Act announced that it stopped discussing the ban last June, temporarily abandoning a plan to prohibit new tobacco and steam electron smoke products.
Lin Daqing, a lecture, lecture, lecture, said that the latest survey results warned the need for immediate action, and urged the Legislative Council to submit a prohibition of new tobacco products through the government as soon as possible, including electronic cigarettes and heating tobacco products.